Neurologic is a blog dedicated to the ongoing medical research and news along with opinions from the author herself. Made as a hobby, the author hopes to continue this blog for quite a while, and hopes that she can add her own research when the time is right. Emphasis will be put on Neurology, Neuroscience, and Technology in general.

On The Author:

Screenshot at Jan 18 21-27-02.pngTara Pattilachan is a student who has a deep passion for the brain, and consequently, takes part of the IYNA (International Youth Neuro Association) and TSP (The Synapse Project). She especially encourages women in STEM, and even more when it regards neuroscience. She hopes to do deep research in the future. In the meantime, writing will be more than enough to satisfy her curiosity. Another interest of hers are the possible applications of neuroscience to artificial intelligence, and learning East Asian culture and history.


Inquiries, research opportunities, and publications?

You can contact the author at: tarapattilachan12@gmail.com

Follow the author on twitter: @TaraPattilachan


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