Introduction Post

Hello, my name is Tara.

I’m from Tampa, Florida.

I’m also a current 11th grader who has various interests, such as Journalism, Writing, Arts, and Music.  However, the most interesting topic for me is Neurology and the Human Anatomy. I also find the prominent connection between Neurology and Psychology very interesting and hope to pursue my interests soon with researching. On this blog, I will try to find information relating to new medical research and discovery. What you may think is boring might actually be quite interesting. I’m an avid follower of the TED site, so I might share something from TED here and there. I won’t really post irrelevant things, maybe a quick update or two and some current events if needed. If I’m not on this site, I’m probably trying to learn a language or two or perhaps just carrying on with school work. Often times, my head is filled with ideas that need to burst out.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone is out and reading this right now– I’d like to tell you that this is purely for entertainment and informational purposes. I really doubt I’d endorse anything, and find this as a cute hobby. My purpose is to make readers (and future readers) find some interest in Medicine and especially the incredible wonders of the brain and body.

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